Guide to Installing Planning Poker in Microsoft Teams

Explore step-by-step instructions for integrating Planning Poker into Microsoft Teams. Enhance your team's estimation process with this comprehensive installation guide.

Gergely Bihary

Last updated: Mar 23, 2024
The app running inside Microsoft Teams


Efficiency and cohesion are key in any collaborative setting, especially for remote software engineering teams. That's why we've developed a seamless Planning Poker app that integrates directly into Microsoft Teams. With this tool, there's no need to navigate away from your meeting window to conduct estimation sessions. In this guide, we'll walk you through the simple process of installing the Planning Poker app in Teams and provide tips for maximizing its utility.


Getting started with our app in Teams is straightforward. You can find it in the Teams app store, known as "App Source." Simply search for "Planning Poker" or navigate directly to the app listing. There, you'll find basic information and screenshots showcasing its functionality. Rest assured, the app only requires minimal permissions to function within Teams.

Store listing for

App Source listing for

Click "Get it now," and you'll be directed to the installation screen within Teams. From there, you have several installation options:

  • Install for a team: Make the app accessible to everyone in the team across all meetings and chats.
  • Install for a chat: Add the app as a separate tab within a specific chat.
  • Install for a meeting: Incorporate the app as a tab or an app within the meeting's chat or call screen.

For regularly scheduled planning meetings, such as "Weekly Planning," selecting the appropriate meeting ensures the best user experience. Once installed, a success screen confirms that everything is ready for use.

Installation options for

Installation options

Using the App in a Meeting

With the app installed, it becomes readily available as a tab within your meeting or chat interface. The Planning Poker technique is typically utilized during planning meetings, making this integration perfectly suited for the task. Follow these steps to use Planning Poker in your meetings:

Create a room screen of the app

Create a room screen in in Teams

  1. Launch the App: Join your planning meeting and navigate to the "Planning Poker" tab within Teams. The app will appear in the sidebar.

  2. Create a Room: If you're leading the meeting (Scrum master), initiate a new room by clicking "Create New Room." Enter your name and create the room. You can create a new room for each planning meeting, allowing the app to track velocity statistics over time.

  3. Invite Participants: Invite your colleagues to join the room either by sharing the room ID or clicking "Invite" within the app. This automatically adds the Planning Poker app to the main stage and invites all meeting participants, streamlining the estimation process.

  4. Utilize Tools and Techniques: Once everyone is present, leverage the various features offered by the Planning Poker app:

    • Customize your card set to align with your team's estimation preferences.
    • Connect to JIRA to select issues for voting.
    • Utilize built-in timers to keep estimations on track.
    • Configure room permissions and security settings to ensure a secure collaboration environment. Explore additional features to enhance your planning sessions further.
The is shared to the Meeting Stage

Click "Invite" and the app will be shared with everyone and put on the meeting stage

Planning Poker Tips

To make the most of your Planning Poker sessions, consider the following tips:

  • Encourage active participation from all team members to ensure more accurate estimations.
  • Foster an environment of open communication and collaboration to address any discrepancies in estimations.
  • Regularly review and adjust your estimation process based on past performance and feedback.
  • Use Planning Poker as a tool for team building and fostering a sense of ownership and accountability among team members.

By integrating Planning Poker into your Microsoft Teams environment and following these tips, you can streamline your planning processes and foster greater collaboration within your team.