Planning Poker Features

Everything you need to know about the app

UI components laid out visually
Easy to use

Simple user interface for delightful planning meetings

Create a room, invite your colleagues and start planning your next sprint. No need to create an account and it's all free to use.


Adjust estimation units to fit your team

Set up T-shirt sizing, Fibonacci values or all kinds of custom combinations as voting options. Measure team velocity with automatically collected historical data.

Useful statistics

Find consensus and discuss edge cases

Join with an unlimited number of voters and find consensus on your tickets or issues. The app will show averages and highlight edge cases amongst the votes.

Integrates with major video conferencing apps

Install the app in Zoom, Teams or Webex

Install the Planning Poker embedded app to enjoy the same great planning experience without leaving your video meeting. Available for all major video conferencing tools for free.

Fun collaboration

Send reactions to topics

Express your thoughts and opinions on each topic, without having to interrupt the meeting. Improve meeting participation and engagement, and make planning poker more fun and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Efficient planning meetings

Use asynchronously

Asynchronous planning meetings help teams plan more efficiently by allowing participants to prepare for and vote on topics at their own pace, before meeting to discuss the results and make decisions.

JIRA integration

Connect your Jira account for the best planning experience

Spend less time preparing for your meeting: just select tickets from your Jira backlog with our seamless integration. After voting, the average estimate can be saved back to the corresponding Jira issue, keeping everything up-to-date and eliminating manual entry.

Linear tickets in topic editor
Linear integration

Estimate Linear issues easily

Our new Linear integration lets you search and add Linear issues directly to your planning poker sessions. Once everyone votes, the majority vote can be saved back to the corresponding issue in Linear. This keeps your estimates up-to-date and saves you the hassle of manual entry.

Access control

Password protection & permissions

Create private rooms protected by a password and adjust room permissions to your preferences. Manage your organization with unlimited members.

Experimental features

PokerBot, your AI SCRUM master

Our newest employee is here to help with your planning sessions. Once your planning session is over, PokerBot will create a summary of the events, votes and highlights of your meeting. Send it to your team for a motivated sprint!


This is all open-source

Something seems odd or a feature is missing? Add it! This app is open-source and welcomes contributions from our users.