Simple UI, fast planning meetings

Create a room, invite your colleagues and start planning your next sprint.
No need to create an account and it's all free to use.

Planning poker session with active members

Find consensus and discuss edge cases

Join with an unlimited number of users and find consensus on your projects.
The app will show averages and highlight edge cases amongst the votes.

Planning poker session with results shown

Adjust estimation units to fit the team

Set up t-shirt sizing, Fibonacci numbers or all kinds of combinations as voting options.
Planning poker can be played with different card layouts.

Planning poker session with the unit selector dropdown opened

Set completely custom card sets

Haven't found a card set that fits your team?
You can set custom card sets that match your estimation style. You can add numbers or text, such as "Small" or "Medium".

Planning poker session with the units modal opened

Never forget what the discussion was about

With a built-in Notes field, you can keep track of the discussion for each topic.
Save notes for each round and download it for later use.

Planning poker session with notes filled in

Manage rounds and export results

Download your planning session as a .csv file with a single click.
Would you rather set up the issues first and vote on them later? You can re-vote issues and choose the order of the vote.

Planning poker session with the topics sidebar opened

Create a unique avatar

Planning meetings can get boring, so spice it up by choosing from a set of randomly generated avatars.
Setting an avatar helps you stand out from the boring list of initials. Try it by clicking on your profile icon on the top left.

Planning poker session with the topics sidebar opened

This is all open-source

Something seems odd or a feature is missing? Add it!
This app is open-source and open to new contributors. Fork the repo, add your change and open a pull request!

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