Use Planning Poker in Webex Meetings!

Use the Webex integration to easily share planning poker sessions with your team. You don't even need to leave your Webex meeting to have the same great planning experience as before.

How does it work?

1. Add the application Webex Meetings

To add the app to your Webex account, open App Hub and click the install button. You might need to ask your Workspace administrator to whitelist the app for use.

AppHub landing page for Planning Poker

2. Open the app inside Webex

Once the app is installed, you can open it from the "Apps" menu in Webex. The app will appear in the side-panel of your meeting.

Apps screen inside Webex

3. Invite your colleagues in the meeting

After you've created a planning poker session, just click "Invite" and an "Open for all" button will appear below the app. Click the button and the app will open for everybody in the meeting with the correct room ID already shareed.

The app is running inside Webex

4. Estimate projects together, in real-time

Once you are all in the same meeting and the app is open for everyone, you can start planning your project. Set a topic by clicking "Edit topic" next to "Topic of Round #1" and decide which card set you want to use.

Each member votes on their own, and once all votes are cast the leader presses "Reveal Votes" to reveal all votes. To start the next round, click "New Round" (or "Next Round", if you've set the topics beforehand from the sidebar) The team continues this process until all topics have been voted on.

An ongoing planning session with participants in Webex

Getting Support and Reporting Bugs

Are you stuck on a question or issue with the app? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions, maybe your query already has an answer.

If you need additional support or have found a bug, please open a ticket here on GitHub and our developers will try to help as fast as possible. We try respond to tickets within 24 hours. If you need immediate assistance, please contact us at