Planning Poker for Zoom Meetings

Get accurate estimates for your next sprint with our intuitive planning poker app for Zoom Meetings.

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No sign-up required, open-source and used by thousands every week.

Two cards with numbers

The best planning poker experience for Zoom

Features for a smooth estimation session in Zoom

Easy-to-use and accessible UI

UI components laid out visually

Simple round management and exports

Two example JIRA topic cards

Customizable card sets

An example planning poker card set

Available on the web and in Zoom, Teams & Webex

The app running inside Zoom

How does it work?

Permissions screen when adding the app to ZoomApps screen inside ZoomThe app is running inside ZoomAn ongoing planning session with participants in Zoom

To add the app to your Zoom account, click the "Install" button above or install the app from Zoom Marketplace. You'll need to grant basic permissions for the app to appear inside your meeting.

Uninstalling the App

If you wish to uninstall the App, go to the installed apps section on Zoom Marketplace and click Uninstall next to "Planning Poker".

Getting Support and Reporting Bugs

Are you stuck on a question or issue with the app? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions, maybe your query already has an answer.

If you need additional support or have found a bug, please open a ticket here on GitHub and our developers will try to help as fast as possible. We try respond to tickets within 24 hours. If you need immediate assistance, please contact us at